The RiMO SiNUS TWiN provides twice the fun for those who want to demonstrate their talent and those who want to improve their skills with the help of a coach. A very special experience.

Further Information


• RiMO dual-circuit hydraulic brake system
• Roll bar with safety belt for co-pilot
• Shutdown transponder *
• Bodywork design on customers request *
• Wireless Fleet Management *

* optional

Base Model Inclusions

• 31,8 mm chassis, special alloy
• Surround bumper, special alloy
• 2 x 2,8 kW engines
• 60 Ah Lithium accumulators
• Roll bar
• Safety belt for driver and co-pilot
• Wi-Fi preparation
• Closed stainless steel pedals with built in extension
• Hydraulic brake system
• 3 mm anodized floor plates
• RiMO plastic seat XL
• Dual bearing steering column
• Padded steering shaft retainer
• Bodywork black UV-resistant
• RiMO bodywork design UV-resistant

Technical Data

• Engines: 2 x 2.8 kW engines (5.6 kW) [(MAX. output of up to 23 kW (≙31PS)]
• Revolutions per minute: max. 7000 rpm
• Reduction: 2 x planetary gears
• Output curve: freely programmable
• Torque: 95 Nm per wheel
• Battery technology: 16 x 3.2 V LiFeMnPO4 and 40 h [BASIS] 60/100 Ah [OPTION]
• Driving time: 20/35/60 minutes with 40/60/100 Ah
• On-board voltage: 48 V
• Charging time: 48*/52*/60* minutes with 40/60/100 Ah *SEE NOTE
• Chargers: 40 A, 230 V charger [BASIS], 100 A, 380 V charger [OPTION]
• Braking system: RiMO hydraulic dual-circuit braking system / for DOT5*

Uncompromising comfort and excellent handling characteristics: These features have been implemented in the world‘s only double-seated electric kart as consistently as in all RiMO SiNUS models. 60 Ah lithium batteries and 5.6 KW power from the synchronous motors let the passenger curve casual and almost noiseless around all corners.

  • The RiMO SiNUS TWiN is an excellent advertising vehicle, since it distinguishes itself from the mass of rental karts.

  • The driving comfort is improved by the upholstered steering column stay, while the driver benefits from an ergonomic position of the steering wheel.

  • The standard equipment of the SiNUS TWiN includes the unique, redundant dual-circuit braking system by RiMO.

  • The one-piece double-tube surround protection offers protection against collisions from all directions through its twelvefold floating support.

  • The flat pedals offer safe grip in all driving situations, while the integrated folding pedal extension provides higher variability. 

  • RiMO offers the optionally available roll bar either without safety belts or with 3-point or 4-point belt.

  • Support for Pedal Extension

  • Remote Shutdown Transponder

  • Customised Bodywork Design

  • Guard for Steering Column Stay

  • Wireless Fleet Management

  • Magnetic Number Plate

  • Boost Button