The sportiness of a kart presented in compact design – RiMO EVO6. The latest evolution of the original RiMO kart is even more dynamic and elegant as its predecessor. Straight driving fun.

Further Information

Base Model Inclusions

• 31.8 mm chassi, special alloy
• Surround bumper, special alloy
• Honda GX200 4.8KW (6.5hp)
• Engine plate aluminium
• Exhaust system stainless steel
• Side mounted aluminium fuel tank with rollover safety valve
• Dual circuit hydraulic braking system
• 30mm rear axle with improved axle bearings
• Closed stainless steel pedals with built in extensions
• Adjustable gas pedal stop
• RiMO plastic seat XL /XXL
• Flexible seat mounting bracket
• Dual bearing steering column
• Padded steering shaft retainer (A-frame)
• Caliba-steering wheel
• Bodywork black UV-resistant
• Reinforced side pod
• RiMO bodywork design UV-resistant

Technical Data

• L/W/H: 1880 / 1300 / 600-1200* *WITH ROLL BAR [OPTION]
• Weight: 105 kg [STANDARD]
• Engine: HONDA GX 200 4.8 kW | 6.5 hp [STANDARD]
• Tank capacity: Petrol, 11L

The EVO6 is the leading top class hire kart. Aggressive, sporty and with an impressive dynamics outstrips the EVO6 all its predecessors, and the market competitors hands down. Quality and safety are a top priority and unsurpassed. The unique GS certification by TÜV Rheinland can be understood as a matter of course. Sportiness compressed in a steely form: EVO6. The archetype of a RiMO kart in its latest form is even more dynamic and elegant than its predecessor - pure driving experience.

  • The mechanic braking system included in the standard equipment of the EVO6 ensures high braking force and adequate deceleration in every driving situation.

  • The massive design of the EVO6 is aggressively sporty and practical at the same time.  Its design makes the EVO6 maintenance-friendly.

  • Top components don’t have to hide.  This applies, for example, to the RiMO karts’ standard silencer made entirely from stainless steel.

  • Column

    The one-piece double-tube surround protection offers protection against collisions from all directions through its twelvefold floating support. 

  • Column

    The flat pedals offer safe grip in all driving situations, while the integrated folding pedal extension provides higher variability.

  • Column

    The redundant dual-circuit braking system - which is unique in the kart market – is operated with hydro-phobic DOT 5 brake fluid.

  • Roll Bar

  • Safety Belt (3 or 4-Pont)

  • Upholstered Tillett Seat (M/L)

  • Seat Adjustment by 120mm

  • Support for Pedal Extension

  • RiMO Premium Steering Wheel

  • Steering Wheel Impact Protection for Premium Steering Wheel

  • Rubber Impact Protection Frame

  • Insert Bearings

  • Remote Shutdown Transponder

  • Customised Bodywork Design

  • Padding for Steering Column Stay

  • Magnetic Number Plate

  • Catalytic Converter

  • Hydraulic Dual Circuit Braking System

  • Honda GX Engine (200 tuned, 270, 270 tuned)

  • Outdoor Brake Disc Protection

  • Column

    Corrosion Protection Drive Shaft

  • Column

    Weight Compensation System

  • SenDec Hour Meter/ RPM Display

  • BCPS

  • Surround Protection with 3rd Tube

  • Plastic Surround Protection

  • Side Pod Reinforcement