Choose Perfection

RiMO Germany offer the highest quality go kart on the market. RiMO continue to improve and advance the technical and technological components of their products to still confidence in your decisions. The features of each kart are meticulously crafted to ensure maximum safety, outstanding performance and reliability. Take your go karting experience to the next level with an impressive sound system to mimic a formula 1 feeling like no other. By choosing RiMO Germany you are choosing the best product the go karting industry has to offer.

Balanced cell voltage, communication with the charger, temperature monitoring and a fan control are achievements of the Battery Management System (BMS) exclusively designed for RiMO. The complete automatic charging process can be easily viewed over our easy-to-use charge controlling software which is preinstalled on a tablet computer.

Technical details of the charging process can be tailored to suit your business. 40/60/100Ah cells gives you the possibility to drive 20/35/60 minutes. The integrated LED headlights are underlining the sportive design of the SiNUS iON. The improved visibility of the kart increases the drivers safety significantly.

The new SiNUS generation is available with an integrated, intelligent wireless module. This allows a transparent business process and the monitoring of your business processes. Various power curves can be adjusted by pressing a button on a PC or smartphone and the vehicle parameters can be monitored. You can also get online access to your personal fleet management whenever you like.

The Future of Sustainable Go Karting

As major supplier of electric and LPG powered karts, we consider ourselves the impulse generator of eco-friendly kart construction. Due to our commitment, both the development and enhancement of eco-friendly vehicles have caused the entire kart market to pursue a new technological approach. At RiMO, emphasis is put on ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY. All waste materials resulting from the production are separately returned to the raw material cycle.

Materials containing oil and chemical residues are disposed of separately. As for the kart’s bodywork, the recyclable HDPE is processed. The stickers are PVC free and do not contain solvents, plasticisers or heavy metals. The decorative prints maintain their UV resistance and mechanic strength for many years to come, while their durability conserves the natural resources.

The kart frames and other metallic add-on components are powder-coated in an environmentally friendly manner at RiMO’s own plant, while the overspray material is collected in a cyclone recovery system and returned to the coating process. Thanks to this procedure, the solvent-free powder coating is not discarded to the environment and does not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

The LiFeMnPO4 batteries are treated in an eco-friendly manner according to the applicable laws (BattG, German Battery Act). When developing new products, the RiMO development department prefers the integration of eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

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